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Got a high-strung child?

We say BRING IT! The teachers today simply do not have the time or resources to implement the physical and dynamic lessons that your active child needs. Let's match him or her up with a tutor who welcomes active learners and embraces techniques and lessons that will keep your child focused on learning in fun and new ways! One-on-One sessions are often the key to this type of child's success. Physical learners will be taught in a way that embraces their need for movement and hands-on activities that keep them engaged in an entertaining, yet educational way.

"I hate math!"

You are not alone! In fact, this is the single most common complaint or reveal we get when interviewing our students on the first day. Here is the great news: it is usually due to a lack of connection and understanding of the concepts that are being introduced. This means, your child is NOT BAD AT MATH...but on a totally different page than his or her instructor. Let's match your child up with a tutor who is not just great at math (like so many instructors) but also excels at communicating and recognizing when a child needs a review on a subject before moving on.

Dealing with a shy child?

Learning doesn't have to be scary. With our one-on-one tutoring your child does not have to overcome the huge obstacle of mustering up enough courage to raise his or her hand and ask a question in front of a rough crowd or a teacher that he or she finds intimidating. The hard truth is that in these crowded classrooms, the teachers do not have the training or luxury of time to fully analyze your child. Our instructors look for new ways to present the topic until your child has successfully grasped the concept and is truly ready to move on with confidence.

I Know, I Know, My Child Should Be Reading Every Night

I Know, I Know, My Child Should Be Reading Every Night Meh. Anyone else rather watch paint dry then practice reading with your child? Okay, maybe it’s not THAT bad, but i certainly can think of 50 other things I would rather do with her.  Like draw, or dance, or sing, or put on a…

Newsletter – Fall 2015

Letter from Allison   WOOOOOHOOOOOO we did it!! Allison Tutoring just won Senator Ricardo Laura’s Excellence in Business Award 2015 for the city of Lakewood! The Senator was “looking for the next crop of amazing business owners that represent the best of the 33rd Senate District”, and we are so honored that upon receiving nominations…

Newsletter – Summer 2015

Letter from Allison It is with a heavy heart that I am typing these words… BACK-TO-SCHOOL MADNESS IS AROUND THE CORNER. Yup friends, sad but true.  I even saw tons of savvy shopping mommas posting all of the local one cent bargains currently underway on school supplies.  While I appreciate a good deal on anything…

Newsletter – January 2015

Letter from Allison Help your child set…New Goals For The New Year I know, I know:  super cliche’, right? To this I say a big, fat, good hearted, “WHO CARES?!” The beginning of the year is one of those rare moments throughout the school year where you have a real shot at re-motivating your kid.…

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